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  • You want life Changing Results in as little as 8 weeks!
  • You’re unhappy with the way you currently look and feel and everything else you’ve tried isn’t working.
  • You want a programme that fits your lifestyle and is fun.
  • You want an expert coach who can tailor your programming to guarantee you get results.
  • You want a coaching experience and service which is beyond what your normal coaching service provides.

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“Now I have started with Luke I can’t not explain what he has done for me, my whole body has changed completely into the shape I’ve always wanted to be. He is always there if you need to ask any questions or need help with something you don’t understand, always giving advice and helping you as much as he can to achieve your goal. My decision to have Luke’s support and personal training is the best decision I have mad through life, I think he has the best shape in aesthetics and his online personal training and support goes with it! I couldn’t ask for anything else.”  Jake Pryce


“I couldn’t recommend Luke highly enough. He has changed my outlook of diet and fitness forever and for the better. I’m the lightest and healthiest I have been in years and it’s truly all thanks to him. So if you’re pondering on the idea of asking for Luke’s help. Stop and just do it. You won’t regret it.” James Hobbs


“Luke believed in me when others didn’t and even I doubted myself many of times. I’ve had first hand experience with one of the top trainers around.” Aaron Collins

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12 Week Transformation Programme

What's Involved?

  • Fully tailored Nutrition programming to help you shed that unwanted body fat and build the body you have always wanted.
  • A challenging training programme to shape your body to how you have always wanted.
  • Bi-weekly check in with your expert coach (Luke Hayes) to keep you on track.

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